CDN Setup Service

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Set up a Content Delivery Network on your web server, for faster delivery of pages and content to target users based on their locations.

Once we set up CDN on your server, you will become a member of a content delivery network.

What is a CDN? How Does a CDN Work? 

  • It means that your website contents will be distributed through a number of regional servers, worldwide.
  • When a user searches for content on your website, they will be directed to a server closer to them that has your content.
  • If there is some content that have not been cached at the time of request, they will still be delivered to the user. 
  • This will ensure that your content can always be accessed faster, and from anywhere.

Benefits of CDN:

  • Makes your website content available anywhere at anytime
  • Promotes faster download of website pages
  • Manages traffic to your website effectively
  • Enhances website security
  • Eliminates or reduces downtime
  • Reaches mobile customers more efficiently
  • Provides a very scalable solution, based on your business needs
  • Enables you to easily reach new markets in an efficient and effective manner
    • Guarantees your online presence
    • Allows for various configurations for selection settings that better suit your website
    • Delivers video and audio content in a cost effective way, which would otherwise require more bandwidth and download time.

Let our web development experts set up a CDN on your web server to help boost your web presence and performance beyond your current region.

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