Robots.txt Setup Service

Robots.txt Setup Service

Boost your search engine rankings
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coding.pngRobots.txt Setup Service

cloud-download.pngInstall a Robots.txt file on your web server today to improve search engine indexing for faster and enhanced rankings

Every website contains a small file or code that indicates to these search engine indexing robots which of your web pages to enter and crawl and which ones to omit.

In each session, the Robot’s crawling duration is limited by many different conditions, including their “budgeted” access time, as well as your server specifications. Crawling lots of unnecessary pages may promote long delays or even result in an incomplete process if the budgeted time is exceeded.

If you, however, configure the Robots to crawl only the pages that really matter to you, along with pointing to your sitemap, the process will be much faster and more effective and the result will boost your SEO.

linking-icon.pngBenefits of Robots.txt

Your website will experience the following benefits from a robots.txt file:

  • Indexing only the pages that are most valuable to your business
  • Saving Robot Crawling time
  • Receiving priority over less active websites

Let’s help you channel traffic to your most valuable and most relevant Web Pages. By installing and configuring a Robots.txt file in your website, we help reduce your pages’ crawling time, making indexing more efficient and effective and leading to improved optimization traffic volumes.

What you get with this service:

  • Robots.txt setup services from our team of experts
  • Additional hours can be purchased at $95/hour
  • Professional customer service throughout the process
  • Free additional suggestions and next step action items
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you're not happy we will make it right

Let us enhance the indexing of your important web pages today by setting up Robots.txt for your website.

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