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Recommendation colors

The following colors are used with our recommendations
to indicate the category


Improve your website's SEO and traffic


Improve your website's performance, speed and structure


Improve your website's aesthetics, images, responsiveness and CSS.


Improve your website's marketing, revenue and social media


Improve your website's content, messaging, and written communication

Content types

The following icons are used to indicate
different content types.



HTML Document



JavaScript file

{ }


CSS file

{ }


Image file



Plain text document

Customized Recommendations

We built to help you improve your website with ease.

Our free comprehensive website test is designed to help make your site more efficient, and generate more traffic.

The tool was designed to benefit nearly any website. Whether your website is brand new or well-established, we believe it will identify at least one high quality recommendation for you.

Overall we wanted to be an easy-to-use tool built to help webmasters and web developers everywhere optimize their website performance to increase their web-generated revenue.

About Us

Successful Site offers a 100% free tool that will make pointed recommendations for ways to improve your website.

Our tool will scan your website and generate recommendations on your coding, SEO, site speed, marketing, and more.

With Successful Site not only can you can easily identify opportunities and issues with only a few clicks, we can also help you fix them. Try it now!

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