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Alt Tag Writing Service

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boost-traffic-revenue.pngBoost your organic website ranking by composing Search-Engine-friendly Alt Tags for your website images

Images are powerful components of any website, captivating visitors with their impact. It is important to load your website full of high-quality pictures of your products or services. Help your potential customers to find you through a search engines, by using strong SEO-optimized Alt Tags on your images.

Search engines cannot interpret images as easily as text, therefore they rely on the alternative text (Alt Tags) to understand the content of your images. To capitalize on this process, you need well-written Alt Tags to help search engines bring customers to your website.

Good use of Alt Tags will help boost your Search Engine ranking and add full value to all of your website images.

global-reach-icon.pngBenefits of Alt Tags

With proper Alt Tagging, your website will experience the following benefits:

  • Proper formatting of Alt Tags, using keywords that will promote correct search engine indexing for your website
  • Improved reach by ensuring that those viewing your web pages through browsers which are unable to display images can still receive details of your products and services
  • Correct processing of website content and information for on-screen readers through the use of Alt Tags
  • Higher Search Engine rankings.

What you get with this service:

  • 3, 5, or 10 hours of Alt Tag writing services from our team of experts (10 Hours +3 Free Hours package is recommended)
  • 0, 1, or 3 free hours included with this package depending on your selection
  • Additional hours can be purchased at $95/hour
  • Professional customer service throughout the process
  • Free additional suggestions and next step action items
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you're not happy we will make it right

Ensure your website reaches your target clients by boosting the Alt Tags.

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