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Add more authority to your content Headings (H Tags) to boost your Search Engine Rankings and increase traffic.

If your web pages have correctly written content Headings and Titles, you can easily beat many of your competitors by ranking higher than them in the Search Engines. HTML Tags are web page codes that determine how your page content are to be displayed. The H Tag is the HTML code that indicates content Headings or Titles. These are always displayed in bold text of varying size, from the largest, H1, to the smallest, H6. It is important to set them up correctly.

Why Your H Tags Must Be Well Written 

  1. Google uses these tags as pointers to determine your page ranking. Good content without well-written H Tags simply means little or nothing to Google’s ranking algorithms. 
  2. Headers inform your target audience what your page content are about, guiding them from Main Headings to Sub-Titles, making your site content reader-friendly.
  3. Since they vary in size, i.e. from H1 to H6, H Tags help readers to determine the importance of each written section. For instance, lines with H1 tags are Main Headings, whereas those following are Sub-Titles.
  4. H Tags hold the important keywords that are necessary for ranking your website pages. They help the Search Engines to interpret the relevance of content in your website, for which you will be rewarded with better rankings.

Best Practice for H Tag usage was set out by Google. To achieve correct H tag writing, you need an expert who will ensure that you comply with Google Search. This is where we come in. We go through your existing content and correctly implement H tags that will boost your Search Engine Ranking.

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