Marketing Strategy and Coaching Service

Marketing Strategy and Coaching Service

Grow your business with marketing strategy and coaching
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boost-traffic-revenue.pngMarketing Strategy and Coaching Service

new-audience-marketing-icon1.pngImprove your sales by adopting Marketing Strategies that will directly improve your bottom line. 

For your business to succeed in the current competitive environment, you need to be guided by well crafted, clear and efficient marketing strategies. Our team of marketing experts can provide tailored coaching services to help your business progress and prosper.

new-website-revenue1.pngComponents of Marketing Strategies:

We collaborate with you to formulate Marketing Strategies that work for you. To this end, we:

  • Discuss and understand your current business and marketing strategies
  • Identify weaknesses and strengths
  • Develop customized marketing strategies that will directly address and fulfill your exact business requirements.

Whatever the nature of your business, where appropriate, we will help:

  • Develop clear business goals and objectives
  • Identify your target market and ideal clients
  • Determine the lifetime value of your clients
  • Select the most cost-effective and efficient Income Generation Strategies
  • Institute suitable product or service Pricing
  • Identify suitable promotion strategies
  • Develop your business brand
  • Create good marketing plans and schedules
  • Craft business messages that drive people to your website
  • Develop a suitable sales plan, complete with marketing schedules
  • Monitor and track all business activities
  • Improve on customer experience
  • Enhance your online presence through social media and content marketing
  • Build strategic business content that targets your market
  • Adopt search engine marketing
  • Consider ways of winning local search traffic
  • Plan appropriate advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Develop referral marketing methods
  • Promote good public relations as a marketing strategy
  • Formulate new ways of turning leads into conversions.

The focus on our Marketing Coaching Services:

  • Assists your company with competitive analysis
  • Provides a focused and accountable sales and marketing system
  • Ensures you are fully in control and able to predict potential market changes

Let us help you grow your business by helping you develop clear and effective Marketing Strategies that work to put you ahead of the competition. 

What you get with this service:

  • 3, 5, or 10 hours of Marketing and Strategy Coaching services from our team of experts (10 Hours +3 Free Hours package is recommended)
  • 0, 1, or 3 free hours included with this package depending on your selection
  • Additional hours can be purchased at $95/hour
  • Professional customer service throughout the process
  • Free additional suggestions and next step action items
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you're not happy we will make it right

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