Bing Analytics Snippet Installation Service

Bing Analytics Snippet Installation Service

Boost your search engine rankings
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analytics-icon-2.pngBing Analytics Snippet Installation Service

analytics-icon.pngGain and Optimize Traffic by Adding Bing Analytics to your Website.

If you're focused on generating organic traffic from Google alone, you're missing out on lots of quality traffic from Bing. Your site needs to be verified with Bing and the Bing Analytics Snippet will do this and provide you with vital information on tracking your traffic. Let our experts ensure that you reap the full benefits from Bing Analytics for enhanced Search Engine rankings and much more.

boost-traffic-revenue.pngWhy You Need Bing Analytics

Bing is the second largest Search Engine, after Google, accounting for a significant percentage of search traffic every month. If you completely ignore Bing you are missing out on traffic and customers. Focusing on obtaining traffic through Bing could earn you additional targeted visitors. Adding the Bing Analytics Snippet will be a real plus for your website and could help you gain a competitive advantage.

Benefits You Will Gain from Bing Analytics:

By installing Bing Analytics, you can be assured of receiving important insights and detailed information from Bing.  This information will allow you to easily identify areas within your website that require further optimization. Key benefits include:

  • Tracking of Events – This allows you to fully analyze customer behavior after they click
  • Evaluating Bing Ad performance through Campaign Analytics
  • Receiving web traffic information and data about the traffic coming to your site, allowing you to make adjustments to increase volumes and enhance the visitor experience.

What you get with this service:

  • Basic Bing analytics setup services from our team of experts
  • Additional hours can be purchased at $95/hour
  • Professional customer service throughout the process
  • Free additional suggestions and next step action items
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you're not happy we will make it right

Obtain the full benefits of Bing Analytics and Boost Your Search Engine Traffic and Ranking.

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